VAPA Foundation
Executive Director
June 2023

Status: At Will Employee
Hours/Compensation: Full Time, 40 hours per week
Compensation: Salary negotiable
Reports to: VAPA Foundation Board President, VAPA Administrator Russell Sperling
Start Date: July 1, 2023
To Apply: Send resume and letter of introduction to

The VAPA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing transitional kindergarten (TK) – 12th grade visual and performing arts (VAPA) education in the San Diego Unified School District through “beyond the budget” grants for arts-based educational programs and professional development, performances and projects that communicate the value of those who serve the District’s students through the visual and performing arts.


The purpose of the VAPA Foundation is to enhance the quality of and access to arts education in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) via:

  • VAPA Enhancement Program (VEP): Enabling TK-12 SDUSD teachers to apply for VAPA-related artist residencies, field trips, professional development or materials that go beyond the school budget.
  • Honor Concerts: Enabling elementary, middle, and high school students from across the district to audition, collaborate, and play together for the community in professional settings.
  • Recognition: Recognizing the students, teachers, administrators and community members committed to creating, teaching, and supporting arts education.
  • Collaboration: Creating bridges between SDUSD and the host of local artists and organizations committed to transformative arts learning.
  • Targeting Needs: Using data to target programs to schools that demonstrate most need.
  • Level Up Programming: Providing summer camp arts-based education programs to students.



  • Work with the Development Committee to support the Board’s fundraising activities, including individual donor cultivation, sponsorship, and an annual gala.
  • With support from the board, create and implement an annual fundraising and marketing/outreach plan.
  • Manage donor cultivation and communications efforts.
  • Ensure that grant opportunities are maximized.
  • Maintain a timely and effective donor stewardship program.
  • Oversee annual giving initiatives, including social media fundraising.


  • Work with bookkeeper to track income and expenses, review and prepare financial statements.
  • Manage Foundation’s budget, both income and expenses on a monthly and annual basis with assistance from the Finance Committee.
  • Prepare and present monthly financial reports to the board with assistance from the Finance Committee.
  • Advise the board of directors in the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Ensure that annual state and federal forms are filed as required.

Board of Directors

  • Attend all board meetings and report on Foundation status.
  • Manage board relations and communications.


  • Assist the Board and VAPA Director with implementation of the Foundation’s Strategic Plan.
  • Working with the Board and the SDUSD VAPA Department as needed to create and oversee programs.
  • Coordinate with VAPA staff regarding the implementation and management of the VAPA Enhancement Program’s granting cycle.
  • Develop and implement a plan to promote the VAPA grant program to District teachers/instructors as well as its successful applicant outcomes.
  • Develop a summary report for the Board at the end of the annual funding cycle with data collected on grant funding outcomes throughout the year, and includes recommendations for program improvement.
  • Coordinate with the Board and Event Planner to produce the annual spring Spotlight program and performances, as well as events and activities with community partners and collaborators.
  • Seek and coordinate potential new programs that fit the VAPA Foundation mission.


  • Work with the Marketing Committee to implement plans for promoting the Foundation to engage and enlarge its audience.
  • Curate content for and update the website as needed to refresh information and images.
  • Maintain an active presence in social media that promotes VAPA’s programs and fundraising opportunities
  • Identify community events and meetings for Board member participation to strengthen the Foundation’s relationships and visibility in the community.
  • Work with the Board to build relationships with local government including City and County of San Diego representatives to secure financial and other support
  • Recommend appropriate memberships and affiliations that can strengthen the work of the Foundation and its community relationships.


  • Three or more years of experience working in the nonprofit sector.
  • Five or more years of experience working in professional environments.
  • Ability to functionally execute documents and programs in Word, Excel, PowerPoint/Keynote and Google Suite of applications.
  • Experience with managing social media platforms.
  • Ability to effectively manage donor relations and communications.
  • Demonstrable experience working with a board of directors.
  • Ability to effectively work with the board to produce special events.
  • Working knowledge and experience with developing budgets for projects and organizations.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Project management skills and experience.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and in teams.
  • Ability to effectively and productively manage one’s time.

Other Desirable Knowledge, Skills or Experience

  • Working knowledge of and demonstrable experience with the San Diego region’s philanthropic community.
  • Experience working in an arts and culture organization.
  • Engagement in a personal artistic practice or have arts-related background.
  • Experience with grant writing.


Work Schedule, Transportation and Environmental Conditions

  • This full-time position is eligible for a flexible scheduling of time in the office as well as at home.
  • It is expected that each week will include some contact hours in the office in addition to attendance at board and committee meetings either by zoom or in person.
  • The person performing this job must have consistent and reliable access to transportation.
  • No adverse environmental conditions are anticipated when working on site.

Physical Activities

To perform this job, one must be able to:

  • Move about to accomplish tasks including moving or transporting from one work site to another.
  • Effectively communicate with others to exchange information.
  • Perform repetitive motions that may include the wrist(s), hand(s) and/or finger(s).
  • Assess the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of completed work.
  • Engage in light work that is primarily sedentary involving sitting/standing.
  • Occasionally move and/or lift objects up to 20 lbs.

To Apply: Send resume and letter of introduction to