Level Up Multi-Art VAPA Camps: Culturally Responsive Arts Education with City Heights Music School

This past summer 2023 at Perkins Elementary, the VAPA Foundation teamed up with the City Heights Music School (CHMS) in a transformative afterschool and summer school program that reshaped students’ artistic journeys with a culturally rooted approach.


Local Expertise in Arts Education:

The collaboration with City Heights Music School, known for its history of working within the local community, proved instrumental in providing an unparalleled arts education experience. Their deep-rooted connections and understanding of the area allowed for culturally responsive programming tailored to the students’ needs and backgrounds. 


An Immersive Multi-Art Experience:

This VAPA Level Up Camp, shaped by the expertise of CHMS, unfolded as a summer school program spanning five days a week for six weeks. This multi-art experience, rotating between music, hip hop dance, and visual arts, offered students a holistic exploration of diverse artistic expressions.


Culturally Relevant Artistic Endeavors:

CHMS’s commitment to culturally responsive programming shone through in every aspect of the camp. From engaging students in hip hop dance to guiding them in mural creation, CHMS empowered students to express themselves. The local connection of CHMS instructors to the Logan Heights community fostered a sense of familiarity and belonging among the students. Their presence not only provided expert guidance but also inspired students by showcasing the possibilities of artistic expression within their own community.


Building Community through Arts:

Through this collaboration, the VAPA Foundation and CHMS aimed to not only nurture artistic talents but also build a sense of community pride and ownership in the students’ artistic endeavors. The program instilled an appreciation for local artistic expressions.


The success of this collaboration highlighted the transformative power of culturally responsive arts education. The VAPA Foundation and CHMS are dedicated to continuing partnerships, fostering cultural connections, and empowering students through arts education deeply rooted in their local heritage.


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