Teacher Spotlight: Meera Ramanathan’s Innovative Chess Piece Design Program

An exemplary recipient of our 2022-2023 Visual Enhancement Program Award, Meera Ramanathan created a fantastic and innovative program for her students at Zamorano Elementary Fine Arts Academy. Check out how her approach to teaching chess involved a unique blend of collaboration and digital design that transformed how students learned to engage with the game and build their own chess pieces!

Digital Design Integration:

One of the standout aspects of Ramanathan’s teaching approach is her integration of digital tools. Utilizing software like Tinkercad, she empowers her students to delve into digital designing. With this technology, students not only conceptualize their chess pieces but also gain hands-on experience in arranging, assembling, and stacking forms to create intricate and personalized designs.


Impact on Education:

This innovative approach goes beyond the conventional boundaries of teaching chess. Meera Ramanathan’s method not only enhances students’ understanding of the game but also introduces them to technology in an artistic context. It fosters creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability—skills that are crucial in today’s dynamic world.

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