Jason Berman

VAPA Foundation Teacher Showcase: Jason Berman

The VAPA Enhancement Program, which enables teachers in the San Dego Unified School District in grades TK–12 to provide arts enrichment beyond the school budget, is now open for applications for the 2021–22 school year.

Applications will be accepted through October 8, 2021. Recipients will be announced on Oct. 30.

Interview opportunities: Several SDUSD teachers who were selected to receive funds in the last round of VEP grants are available for interviews.

VAPA foundation is proud to be supporting SDUSD teachers, today we showcase:

Jason Berman, Multimedia and Music Teacher at Millennial Tech Middle School:

“I applied to the VEP because I wanted to do some professional development and learn industry practices for animation. I took an online course at School of Motion and learned about character animation with the funds.

I put the funds to use to learn skills to teach my students that are used in the real world in animation studios. I am a hobbyist animator and wanted to learn from the professionals about best practices so I can pass these valuable skills to our students and open up profitable and fun career paths for them in the arts. Our school now has new pilot courses this year whose content was partially based on what I learned from the online course.”


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