Band students at Mira Mesa High School display their VAPA graduation cords

VAPA Pathway Finishers Receive Graduation Cords

San Diego Unified students now have a new incentive to finish a four-year high school sequence of classes in the Visual and Performing Arts. The VAPA Foundation has generously presented VAPA graduation cords to seniors who have taken four consecutive years of high school classes in a single arts discipline (dance, music, theatre, or visual art). The VAPA graduation cords feature intertwined strands of teal, magenta, salmon, and gold — the vibrant colors representing the four visual and performing arts disciplines in SDUSD.

Graduation Cords

Nearly 400 graduation cords were presented to students all across the district. San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SDSCPA) had the highest number of seniors receiving VAPA graduation cords, with 152 students honored across all four arts disciplines. Mira Mesa High School had the second-highest number of VAPA pathway graduates, and Scripps Ranch High School was third. Qualifying seniors were identified by their arts teachers.

The arts discipline with the highest number of graduates was music, with 209 seniors receiving VAPA graduation cords. While all district high schools offer music courses, only SDSCPA and Scripps Ranch High School offer classes in all four art forms.

In a letter to awardees, VAPA Foundation President (and Vice Chair of the California Arts Council) Larry Baza applauded the students’ ongoing work in the visual and performing arts, recognizing the investment and commitment necessary over four years. He congratulated the SDUSD VAPA class of 2018 on their accomplishments, wishing them “success and an arts-filled journey” in the future.

Seniors from the following high schools were recognized with VAPA graduation cords: Crawford, Henry, Hoover, La Jolla, Lincoln, Madison, Mira Mesa, Mission Bay, Morse, Point Loma, San Diego, SCPA, Scripps Ranch, and University City.

Graduation Cords

Source, San Diego Unified School District; Original article posted here >>

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