Celebrating Creativity: Another year of VAPA Foundation Level Up Multi-Arts Camps in San Diego!

As we immerse ourselves in another vibrant summer, we are deeply grateful for the incredible journey we’ve embarked on with students across San Diego. This season, in collaboration with a number of partner local arts education organizations, we proudly present the third year of our Level Up Multi-Arts Camps, enriching the lives of students from Kindergarten to 9th grade within the San Diego Unified School District. This program was made possible with the support of San Diego Foundation and the San Diego Unified School District. Spanning twelve schools in our district, these camps are all about introducing children to a diverse array of creative expressions. 

Exploring a World of Artistic Possibilities

Throughout the camps, our students explore a kaleidoscope of artistic forms. From experimenting with visual art and painting techniques to sculpting imaginative wonders, and from discovering the dynamics of musical theatre to grooving to the rhythms of modern dance and hip hop, our students got to try out new creative activities in a safe and welcoming environment. The melodies of orchestra, drumming, and mariachi filled classrooms this summer, while electronic music production and beatmaking ignited some children’s imaginations. Comic workshop camps had students develop their own narratives of adventure!

Pictured here are camps led by Mid-City Community Music, City Ballet of San Diego, Art Reach SD, City Heights Music School, and Classics 4 Kids.

Why Your Support Matters

At the VAPA Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of arts education. Our programs go beyond skill development—they cultivate critical thinking, empathy, and resilience in young minds. Your donation to the VAPA Foundation ensures the sustainability and expansion of our programs, providing underserved students in San Diego with access to quality arts education.

Support Our Mission

While this summer’s camps are underway across twelve schools in the San Diego Unified School District, your support remains pivotal in sustaining our efforts. Your generous contribution to the VAPA Foundation directly enhances our ability to offer future programs, broaden our reach, and ensure that every child can have the opportunity to explore their creativity.

To make a donation or learn more about our mission and ongoing programs, please visit our donation page here or contact us. Every donation, regardless of size, makes a significant impact in empowering young minds through the arts.

Thank You for Making a Difference

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community of supporters, partners, and donors who make our work possible. Together, let’s continue to celebrate creativity, diversity, and the transformative power of the arts in San Diego.

Your support today shapes the artists of tomorrow. Join us in fostering exploration and enriching lives through arts education!


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