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The VAPA Foundation is thrilled that California voters have approved Proposition 28, which provides significant new resources to arts education in public schools. The VAPA Foundation’s goal is to ensure that all students in San Diego Unified School District receive a full and complete arts education, and we are so excited that Californians agree that this is a priority.

With Prop. 28 in place, there will be more arts in schools, and therefore even more reason for the VAPA Foundation to develop and grow on behalf of our city’s young people. Your support of VAPA will go even further in impact now that Prop 28 is in place, as we turn from shoring up programs to enhancing them into more exciting and transformative experiences for students in San Diego.

We hope you agree with us that in today’s world, arts education is critical to the development of our young people. With a quality, student-centered arts education experience, we know our city’s youth will be more productive members of our community, they will be well-prepared for our region’s $11 billion creative sector, and they will become the arts patrons of the future, ensuring a vibrant cultural scene in San Diego for generations to come.

Information; Contact Michael Camacho, Executive Director:

(619) 565-8301 | michael@vapafoundation.org

The VAPA Foundation supports the San Diego Unified School District teachers and thousands of students to create in depth arts education arts experiences in every classroom of every San Diego City School.

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